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Welcome [Aug. 9th, 2009|09:39 am]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast

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Vox [Oct. 8th, 2008|03:33 am]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[music |"Abyss"]

You drink from the chalice of my tears
You paint your dreams on my faded fears

I listen to you more than your own ears
I protect you throughout all your years

A single blossom blooms upon your grave
Its fragrance is what you eternally crave

With just one glance it makes you a slave
And with a whisper it's you whom it'll save

I am that flower

Like a gardener I tend to the things you don't believe
And understand all the things your ego can't perceive

Under a sun of lust you thirst for the taste of touch
The worries and woes sweat upon your brow as such

You seek warmth from a stranger's charms
Yet each night you create a nest in my arms

I am that man who dares to love you
I am that woman who dares to love you
I am the one who dares to know the real you

Your silence is louder than my scream
In your thoughts so lonely you seem

You foolishly attempt to see me with your eyes
When it's the heart who sees through my guise

On the doorstep of enemies you seek an answer
When the solution isn't the cure to your cancer

I am neither above nor below you
Neither ahead or behind of you
Look by your side, I am the only friend next to you

You strive to walk over that very dust
On which you build your towers of trust

You yearn to become one with the earth
Upon which you place all of your worth

With stale sorrow you weave my noose
My purity and innocence I let you abuse

I am the beginning of your life
I am the end of your life

You sell yourself to the highest bidder
It is my value your owners fail to consider

You let me guard the secrets of your world
Carrying them further than every stone you hurled

You are ashamed of how much about you I can confess
Yet in front of me you will always continue to undress

I am the tree that gives you shade

My blood heals your wounds and scars
My faith summons you beyond the stars

I won't fall asleep until your story awakes
Nor will I die until I comfort your aches

You are not aware of how many breaths you take
Just realize that I was created only for their sake

I am inside you
I am a part of you
You were once like me

I am that child
…The child within you…

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Ramadan 2008 [Sep. 1st, 2008|01:51 am]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[mood |peacefulpeaceful]
[music |Sufi Qawwalis]


On the eve of this Holy Month of Ramadan

I pray for peace for people of all religions, races, nations and natures.

May all of life under God's boundless sky find peace in their hearts and minds, food, safety and shelter upon their doorstep, and the happiness and joy in their souls that every being verily deserves

Please watch these videos even if you're not Afghan (Or Paki/Irani/Arab), Muslim, or even religious.

I promise you'll learn something new, find something you like, and feel something different.

btw- The 3rd video is one of my favorites. This video leaves me speechless every single time. Watch for the dance at the very end... it's surreal, breathtaking, hauntingly beautiful and otherworldly...

If you enjoyed those Qawwali's (Sufi mystical music), here's a real one.

Warning: The duration is 30:43 ( ya you read that right. It's 30 minutes)

I love the chanting from 6-12 minutes in the background... so soothing....

(This is hardcore stuff... might take a few listens to grow on you, haha)
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Closer [Jul. 30th, 2008|12:09 am]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[Current Location |With Your Memories]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |YonKa CD]

Sometimes, in order to help, He makes us miserable;
but heartache for His sake brings happiness.
Laughter will come after tears.
Whoever foresees this is a servant blessed by God.
Wherever water flows, life flourishes:
wherever tears fall, Divine mercy is shown.


The image “http://www.geocities.com/shikibie/Avicenna1.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

For a while i felt like i was being carried away... further from my dreams... my destination.

Everything i wanted and worked for... was disappearing in front of me... like a mirage. Yet... it wasn't an illusion... i was being drawn further away.

There aren't any straight lines in life, are there?

Everyone fears growing old. I fear growing up. I fear running out of time too.

Growing old is a stupid phrase. We don't grow old. We grow better. We don't die... we depart.

I kind of don't know where i am now. Yes, everything is familiar... yet in a strange way... it's all new. Unfamiliar territory again. I look around and know that it will all disappear again. Things are about to change. Life is going to change.

A lot of people try to hurry and become the people they are "supposed" to be. I wanted to go backwards, and be who i used to be. Now, i just don't know what i am.


So many people have walked out of my life. This time... i let them. So many people have moved on, moved forward. It's time i do the same. Perhaps we shall meet again. If not in this world, then in the next i hope.

It's funny how things change as we age. Our dreams, our fears, our boundaries, the people we choose to love... and even those whom we don't. People... life... they always have a way of surprising us.

There are still a thousand storms brewing around me... but i'm calm. Because i can find shelter inside of myself. It's just that this time i need to learn to not get lost there...

The dancing bells have been put away... the candles have all melted... and the revelers have gone home.

Whether in the desert, or in the ocean, i see a caravan of dreams moving. Then i realize... it is i who is moving. Not them.

Above all... i've learned to let go. Now i understand... that you can never be carried away from your destiny. Only closer.

So enjoy the ride.

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When you were born God brought you so many gifts
that you will never open them all.

Love's voice keeps saying, "Everything I have is yours"
so why do you still feel this pain?

Your soul long ago drowned in the middle of a vast sea
while you pretend to be thirsty.

Life's infinite song pours through you
yet you hold your breath to squeeze it inside.

God kisses you awake every morning
but you insist on sleeping and sleeping

Hafiz can only smile.


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Greed [May. 8th, 2008|01:10 am]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[mood |thankfulthankful]
[music |"The Moment I Said It" by Imogen Heap]

The harder you reach... the more things seem to slip away like sand through clenched fists

If your grasp is too soft... birds will fly away

If your grasp is too firm... fish will swim away

Then how can one find freedom in the prison of their heart....

when the conquered hearts of others are not enough?

How can the everlasting human desire be fulfilled....

When we desire the earth and skies...?

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"But there is suffering in life, and there are defeats. No one can avoid them. But it's better to lose some of the battles in the struggles for your dreams than to be defeated without ever knowing what you're fighting for."

~Paulo Coelho
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Living Will [Apr. 21st, 2008|01:44 am]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[Current Location |OC/Chicago/Anywhere]

Though I realize that this may not have any legal value whatsoever, I do feel at this time that it is necessary to begin this process. By posting this I hereby sign it with my signature. If I am to die or become severely injured, here are my wishes:

1) If there is no chance of a recovery where-in I will have full or near-full access to my facilities, movement, and body... or more than 25% paralysis... do not place me on life support or any other life-sustaining operations. Let God take care of me.

2) I want someone to find the Armanama. It has to be found. It must be found. Please leave it in the care of either one or all of the following three people: Mrs. Willett and/or my two cousins (and sisters) in the Bay Area.

Should it be revealed to the public by the choice or decision of those aforementioned people, then please forward all profits, publicity, or whatever may come of it thereof to charity.

3) If the Asrarnama (NOT the Armanama, which is mentioned above) is found, please do not reveal or access it. I want it to be passed on to a family member who is removed from me by at least two generations down. The finder may preserve it for that person who is most interested, or that general time period.

4) A gray shoe box in my left closet containing sentimental items should be preserved at all costs for heritage, historical, and personal reasons. Please do not separate the contents. They were put together for a purpose.

5) Please do not disturb the contents of the file cabinet located by the garage side door.

6) All other possessions may be taken by family members or sold in the benefit of any charity advocating orphans of the world. I prefer the latter.

7) If it is not troublesome, I would like my remains to be buried at the Westminister Memorial Park and no where else.

8) Please do not cry, feel pity, remorse, regret, sadness or sorrow. Though I realize it is selfish and futile to ask this from any human being, I still would like to try. If it helps, your kind prayers will reach me and i prefer those above all else. In lieu of flowers or any other memorial objects, please consider donating to any charity.

9) Hope
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Goodbye 2007 [Dec. 19th, 2007|04:49 pm]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[Current Location |End of the Year]
[mood |sicksick]

All of my experiences this year can attest to this wise outlook on life. Although at the time I may have seemed incredibly negative to others and even my own self, I really still had Hope. Even though my words may have not been able to express it so beautiful, succinctly, and straightforward as this... deep down somewhere... my heart knew life this year was trying to teach me this.

Was I a good student? I don't know. I guess i forgot that life wasn't trying to shatter me for the sake of it. In that breaking down, crumbling, and falling apart, life was trying to teach me a lesson:

Even amongst those broken shards, the ashes, and the dark, cold, numb and empty void within you... there is still Hope.

Thus... from this moment on I shall look forward and let go. Afterall... this too shall pass.

Ready or not, some day it will all come to an end. There will be no more sunrises, no minutes, hours or days.
All the things you collected, whether treasured or forgotten will pass to someone else.
Your wealth, fame and temporal power will shrivel to irrelevance. It will not matter what you owned or what you were owed.
Your grudges, resentments, frustrations and jealousies will finally disappear.
So too, your hopes, ambitions, plans and to do lists will expire.
The wins and losses that once seemed so important will fade away.
It won’t matter where you came from or what side of the tracks you lived on at the end.
It won’t matter whether you were beautiful or brilliant.
Even your gender and skin color will be irrelevant.
So what will matter? How will the value of your days be measured?
What will matter is not what you bought but what you built, not what you got but what you gave.
What will matter is not your success but your significance.
What will matter is not what you learned but what you taught.
What will matter is every act of integrity, compassion, courage or sacrifice that enriched, empowered or encouraged others to emulate your example.
What will matter is not your competence but your character.
What will matter is not how many people you knew, but how many will feel a lasting loss when you’re gone.
What will matter is not your memories but the memories that live in those who loved you.
What will matter is how long you will be remembered, by whom and for what.
Living a life that matters doesn’t happen by accident.
It’s not a matter of circumstance but of choice.
Choose to live a life that matters.

~Author Unknown
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Frozen Reality [Nov. 23rd, 2007|03:22 pm]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[Current Location |Wastelands]
[mood |apatheticapathetic]
[music |"Let it Go" - Fauxliage]

Somewhere between the trauma of tragedies and those intense but ephemeral moments of happiness i am lost.

Time is passing by, everything is moving fast and forward. Yet i'm frozen.

People are speaking. Music is playing. But i hear nothing.
Portraits are painted. Life is drawn onto some... and away from others. But i see nothing.

I try to listen... to all this talk of chance, fate, luck, fortune.

What do these things matter to those who live in fantasy? They are ruled by their imagination anyways... nothing can ever destroy that. Nothing.

Their story can never be written on paper. Never.

Perhaps like their stories, they too don't exist... a fickle thought... a strange idea... dieing as soon as it is born.

Asleep in my own dreams... i am neither alive nor dead.


How hard i've tried to unveil your face. How much further do i have to crawl... how many more deserts, how many more oceans, how many worlds do i have to suffer through?

Until i find you...?
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Username Anniversery [Nov. 3rd, 2007|01:09 am]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[Current Location |Year 2002]
[music |Devdas Soundtrack and Background Score]

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I named this blog after you.

In you I found a best friend. But you do not exist. Even if your passion, your dreams, your story is truer than reality itself. Perhaps we shall meet one day, if not in this world.

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In you I found everything admirable. They said you were love personified. Yet you were more... it was as if beauty itself was personified within you. You are the Moon, completing our dark and lonely skies. Yet no matter how hard we reach, we'll never be able to hold you.

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I hated you. How can one sell their soul? I did not understand you. Until i looked into your broken mirror... and realized.... i AM you.

I found a home in your world.

But now i realize... that your world was in my own heart

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Firestorm [Oct. 26th, 2007|02:41 am]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[Current Location |In the Flames]
[music |"Shine" by Tektonik]

Before i walked in, i turned to you and thought...

These moths have found their home in mine. Everywhere I turn i see them. They surround me with their wings... as if they arrived in anticipation of the fires.

You surprised me again... that ethereal voice... the otherworldly wisdom...

 "They are not here because of the fires...they are here for you

The moths see the smoke rising from you... they smell the fire within you... they feel the flames that are about to wash over you...

They know that this fire has started within you...

The real fire is within you... not around you...

It is they who will protect you from annilihation... so that you aren't consumed by the infernos.... so you are not reduced to mere ash and dust."

Let the embers touch you, let the blaze embrace you... 'thus gold is purified in the furnace'...

Fire cleanses...fire heals.... fire renews

There is no life without death. Die a thousand times before you can live once. Let the change ignite inside.

They are not here for the fires burning up your world.... they are here because of the fire within you "



My prayers go out to all the families, individuals, and firefighters that were affected by this great tragedy. May God be with us.
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Black & White [Oct. 13th, 2007|03:43 pm]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[Current Location |The Stage]
[mood |blankblank]
[music |"Doshtan" by Haider Salim]

The more i'm pushed towards the light... the more i crave the darkness

For i will never be able to hold the light... nor will i ever find solace in the dark.

They say this world is a stage... and all its people are mere actors

What does that make me then?

For i never belonged in this world...
Nor have i belonged on the stage

With one glance people paint me white... covering the black in my heart, in my head,  and in my voice

Yet in one blink those very same people paint me in black... missing the whiteness of  my body, my life, my soul

This world turns daylight into a mask... and wears the night as a veil...

I have been placed in hearts and in boxes, in categories and stereotypes... it is  fine... i accept them all... knowingly... even if they are all wrong. Amongst accusations i will suffer silently. I will even accept the slaps and spits hurled towards me. Insults lose their power quickly. Words fade away. With time... actions do the same.

People fear words, people fear violence, people fear hearts and brains.

Am i the only one who fears eyes?

Isn't it ironic that even with the sense of sight... we are still blind?
Perhaps this world would be much clearer if we were indeed truly blind. At least we wouldn't be as deaf.

Why does this world despise color so much?

I do not even ask for color... i am content with the ugliest shade of gray. But no one else realizes that. Including myself.

Sometimes when in the lies of this world i am honest with myself... i think that i'm  not even gray...but simply blank. Void. Empty.

Maybe this is why i seem to amuse so many travelers and patrons... They make of me as their imagination wishes. Seeing the almost child-like fascination in their eyes i let  them be. Thankfully... they get bored and someday throw me away like an old toy .

Har kas asz zenneh khod shod yaar e man
Wa asz daroonam hargez najost asrar e man


Unfortunately... I am afraid of the power of my own dreams.

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Ingratitude [Oct. 10th, 2007|02:28 am]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

I just now have realized that everything i've ever asked for.... i have gotten...

but it was only through the computer/technology.

Now i see what the problem is. There is no more human connection... there is no more human contact...

Everything is with a inanimate piece of technology....

One day... there won't be anymore humans....
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Change [Oct. 7th, 2007|03:53 am]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[Current Location |Silence Before the Storm]
[mood |scaredscared]
[music |Saadgi]

The winds are picking up again...

There is a dawn inside of me
Yet darkness fills every street

On this moon-less night everything has become much clearer
Though the triangle of stars cannot point us in the right direction

Sometimes it's no one's fault... the circumstances that befall in this life

The candles have long been extinguished... but tonight their light remains
One dream of thunder has translated into the light of this storm
That very lightening become reality tonight

I am running through time
Trying to save you before it's too late....
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Alienation [Oct. 5th, 2007|01:59 am]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[Current Location |My Thoughts]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |"Man Mohna" and Saadgi Album]

A friend and I were talking today about men and their inability to form and maintain relationships.

Are the really disabled creatures? They seem to possess more emotions than women... and all the more restrictions in having them as well...

Why is it so hard for many men to open... to trust... to love... to express?

Why are they so distant from everything and everyone around them? Almost aloof ... almost not there.

The truth is... they are there. I've seen them. From their tears to their laughter. Their pain and pleasure. I've seen it all in my life.

Therefore... they must exist.

But no one acknowledges it. Maybe thats why men are such lonely creatures. Alienated by their own kind, their own society, their own world.

Everything is held inside... and no one dares to tread those territories. Out of respect for boundaries... out of respect for pride and ego... out of respect for culture and society.

Asian countries seem unashamed of allowing men to show emotion and affection to one another... and even applaud it. You see men holding hands, placing an arm over one another.

How quickly our own society would label this as awkward, wrong or gay.
haha... isn't it ironic that homosexuality seems to most prevalent in the very society that suppresses and condemns it.

But it is the macho men, the straight men, that have it the worst. Neither understanding women... nor connecting with other men. Not real connection anyways. Pain is laughed away... sorrow is hidden away.. tears are choked inside.

Everyone is yearning for a friend... for a connection... but no one knows how nor dares to find it.

There really isn't a way to go about it either. Far too many restrictions exist in this place... far too much etiquette and formality... almost poisoning everybody. Doesn't such manners defeat their purpose?

If everyone really is so indifferent... why are we dying inside for the touch of another... for contact with someone... for companions and company.

I told my friend that humans are the most pathetic of all creatures. Yes... we are the most intelligent, the most social, the most advanced... but really... we are our own prisoners... the slaves of our desires.

Sometimes i wish i was raised in a rural farm... a countryside... far away from corruption, influence, and taintedness. But then... how would i ever be able to face the ugly parts of the world?

Maybe i should've just been born an animal. Just eat, drink, sleep, poop and get eaten or die.

But i'm not one. So deal with it. Anyways, here is something i wrote years ago. It still holds true... for everyone new and old alike:

I've noticed something lately. It's about guys. Regardless of age, ethnicity, location, position, orientation, religion. They are very emotionally weak creatures. Inside of course. They are alone. Always. I guess the cliched and banal saying "Born alone, live alone, die alone" is cliched for a reason. Because it is so true. Most of the amazing gentlemen I've met in my lifetime, who possess every admirable trait and quality, seem so alone. It makes me wonder, why are these wonderful people so alienated? Is it because they do this to themselves? Or perhaps the world does not understand such stunning beauty. From my favorite cousin, to my closest friends, to co-workers and even strangers I've ran into, this theme seems to haunt them all. As a man, I can only ponder and analyze, getting no where really. Then again, men are never really understood, and perhaps that is the only thing they have in common with women. Yet, isn't it the woman who gives birth to the man? And isn't it the man, who shares this very womb, this very world, with his brothers and sisters? So why the loneliness and suffering?

Why is it that we can bridge two entirely different countries, continents, worlds... but we cannot build bridges between our own selves...?

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What kind of hypocritical whore does this make me? I, who am disturbed by the workings of this world... cannot even step out of my own world to change what i dislike. How ironic... that the one who buys and sells love... cannot love.

It's funny that i mention this... because last week you tried to touch me. You reached out for a hug and i backed away.

I was never one to be strained by restrictions placed on us by society, by norms or cultures or the world.

I fail to accept the love of men. I fail to feel the love of women.

I am imprisoned by my own world.

For this i apologize to you.

You were wrong. It is not the desire of being desired that i possess. I fear being desired. It scares me to death. Accepting desire places you under the oath of pleasuring others. The one who is bought cannot be a prince.

I cannot stand the touch of humans.

The one whom I do touch... is not human... nor is of this world. They are an angel belonging to Heaven.

The image “http://www.geocities.com/shikibie/Avicenna1.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I could give a thousand performances, weave a thousand tales, paint a thousand portraits

Yet the world would still not understand.

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The image “http://www.geocities.com/shikibie/Avicenna1.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

"Tu bajja bajja kay enarak say
tera anhay hai vo anhay
kay shekashta ho to aziz tar
nigah hain ayna saaz mein"

"Though this world may not believe in what it cannot see
The spirit that does touch the heart, lives on eternally"
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Us [Oct. 3rd, 2007|10:33 am]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[Current Location |Nowhere]
[mood |frustratedfrustrated]
[music |The Road]

People misunderstand our connection.
They will never understand our relationship... our being... we are not two people... we are two bodies... sharing one soul...

I could never have what i ask from them
But you... you never even ask...

In your innocence... in your silence... you accept everything this world throws at you... everything these people hold from you.

Why can't i accept... like you do... Why can't i accept the unfair, unjust, creulty of this world and the ways of its people...

We are different from the rest of the world... this i can feel...
But why does this render us worthy of punishment?

You are the strongest of them all... but you never fight...
It is I, who in all my weakness... in my brazen and broken ways... tries to mend the own things that have shattered around us...

What use is fighting? It only ruins what good there is left.

I know...
I know that they are waiting for your departure...

This world was never worthy of you to begin with.
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Forbidden [Sep. 27th, 2007|01:19 am]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[Current Location |Imagination]
[mood |disappointeddisappointed]
[music |Water Soundtrack]

All my life i have dreamed of magical lands, surreal worlds, and strange universes.

I see glimpses of them now and then... sometimes in my own home... my own city

Sometimes i see these places in pictures, in videos, in books...

and i know that they exist... or at least a part of them is real.

But one thing i've never found

was the people i've always dreamed of

The image “http://www.geocities.com/shikibie/Avicenna1.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Why are we allowed to hold dreams
of things that will never be?

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Nothing Becomes Everything [Sep. 23rd, 2007|02:47 am]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
...Everyone's walking... but the world stands still...

From amongst the forced and fake we try to find a blossom of friendship

but everything withers away in the parched desert of the human heart

From the tears and thorns of life we try to find love

The very poison which we neglect ourselves... but are so ready to feed others

Smiles and sex are traded daily... Just as we are bought and sold in this bazaar

We are strangers and slaves to one another. Always one but never the other.

This is the world of one sided mirrors... of silent cries... and shattered dreams

Yet silence still echoes in every scream
And suffocation riddles each voice

Who are we fooling? In this ocean of icebergs there is no warmth, no time for connection, no patience for trust

Underneath these chests lies a caged heart... or a buried soul...

Afterall... What right does the dead have to desire?  
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Saawariya [Sep. 22nd, 2007|01:33 am]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[Current Location |Simla]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Saawariya Soundtrack]

First Glimpses and Glances of another SLB Magnum Opus


Last week:

Saawariya Is Poetry In Motion:

"She is the mural of perfection riding an ornate boat steering away on tranquility with an umbrella in one hand while the other one makes love to the serene waters. He is lying bare-chested on the bed of any maiden's desire as the satin curtains flushed with monsoon air touches him fleetingly. The mischievous ghungroo beads shimmer gleefully as you see her hands caressing the walls of mystery. The beats pick momentum as Youth draped in pristine white runs on the blue stairs and a female voice hitting spotless classical notes sings….Saawariya. In other words welcome to the Neverland of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's collusion of the esoteric with the modern in his own unique style.

Her world was the wait for love. His was the wait for her love. And when the two met, what echoed was….Saawariya. As expected Sanjay Leela Bhansali's return to the musical is an unexpected surprise. It's not easy to fathom the complex nuances in this two minute promo, though, without any doubt it spells Magnificence. The poetic element is present throughout....

Saawariya first look promo is a visual splendour having a surreal impact which may leave many perplexed as to what the story must be all about. Interestingly apart from the budding newcomers there's not a single other character that is seen in this two minute promo. Nevertheless, in all, it's a great way to build hype about a film that's definitely going to be one of the biggest release of this year."

Ranbir Kapoor.jpg

Ranbir Kapoor.jpg

Ranbir Kapoor.jpg

"It is the story of a shy dreamer, Raj (22 years old), who spends most of his time isolated in his apartment, creating riddles and finding answers to them, jabbering poetry or arguing with his foolish landlady, with whom he shares a love/hate relationship. Raj was loved by one and all, for he always brought happiness to the people around him.

Destiny plans a magical tale for Raj over the next four nights of his life that shall change his entire being

"Saawariya" is the story of a couple’s chance encounter and the advance of their parallel obsessions over four successive nights. An impromptu romance is initiated in a remote town in the serene beauty of picturesque Simla, a quaint hill station in Northern India that was once the summer capital of India under the British Raj, known for its lakes, mist, heavenly snowfall, rains and the tall swaying pine trees.

The bright, fun-filled winding streets of the mall come alive with singing clubs, rustic folklore, dancing, love ballads, flourishing colonies of artists and weavers, and chants from the monastery- all woven in perfect harmony into a magical dream.

It is here that the dreamer finds the 'lost' self in himself."

This Week:

Finally... the mysterious veils are lifted... and the debutantes faces are revealed:

Saawariya, Ranbir Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Salman Khan, Rani Mukherjee, Begum Para, Achla Sachdev, Zohra Sehgal,

Saawariya, Ranbir Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Salman Khan, Rani Mukherjee, Begum Para, Achla Sachdev, Zohra Sehgal,

Saawariya, Ranbir Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Salman Khan, Rani Mukherjee, Begum Para, Achla Sachdev, Zohra Sehgal,

Cannot wait for this surreal, poetic, and enchanting masterpiece. This marvelous and magical experience will turn dreams into dust.
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Anticipation [Sep. 8th, 2007|02:00 pm]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[Current Location |Film City]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |::|||{"Woh Ajnabee"}|||:: - The Train]

For all the pain, suffering, and hellish days of 2007, I think that the final days of this year will redeem it all. This time of the year, Autumn, always seems to look better than the rest. It's the beginning of new things, new ages, new winds. Change. Lots of it. And right now, anything to change the status quo is good. Besides, all the AMAZING award-worthy movies come out this time. Anyways, I think that the year 2007 will be remembered for it's release of critically acclaimed and award-winning movies. I'm so eager and excited for this year's releases. Finally, something to look forward too. Something to live for.

The first honor goes to:

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Kite Runner (November 2nd, 2007)

{Based on the Bestselling Novel by Dr. Khaled Hosseini}

of course! Hahahahahaha. What can you say about this beloved story? Nothing. It already says everything for itself. Words cannot express nor contain my delight. I'm so excited for this movie, for Khaled Hosseini, for Afghans, for Afghanistan.

Every time i see that trailer, i get goosebumps, chills and tears. This experience will be mindblowing.

And the rest come in no special order except for the final one.

Haha... i love fairy tales:


The Golden Compass (December 7th, 2007)

{Based upon the His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman}

This film looks dark. I like:


Laaga Chunari Mein Daag (October 12, 2007)

I like the other promo better, it's more suspenseful and creepy.

This next movie just got pushed back to January 2008. Oh well. I think it'll be worth the wait =)

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And finally... the film i have been awaiting for the most... and have the highest expectation/hopes for...


Saawariya (November 9th, 2007)

{An adaptation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's "White Nights"}

Saawariya's teaser is probably the BEST promo trailer i have ever seen for a movie. It is pure poetry in motion... surreal... enchanting... like a haunting dream.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali is world renowned for his extravagance and magnum opus... This movie will be profoundly touching. I know it. My purpose for living this year has been only for this movie, hahaha lmao.


I live life through films.
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10 Years Ago [Aug. 31st, 2007|11:31 pm]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[mood |sadsad]

A decade ago we lost you. I was still a child but never forgot you. You were a better and truer Princess than any fairytale story could ever weave. You were greater than any imagination could conceive.  What you have done for humanity... it will never be forgotten. How can I ever find words worthy of you, your Royal Highness? Your legacy lives on eternally. I may have been a child... but you have touched my heart and life forever. I never met you... but i am forever changed because of you.

You and your work will always be remembered




You will be a legend that will never be forgotten,
And you will glow within our hearts for eternity.
You were Princess that we never met,
But you burnt our hearts with sorrow when you left us.
It’s like the day without the sun,
The night without the moon and the stars,
And a life without a soul,
You will shine bright above all the heavens
Because you were Princess of the people
And the Angel of our hearts…
We love you



Time is too slow for those who wait,
    too swift for those who fear,
    too long for those who grieve,
    too short for those who rejoice,
    but for those who love, time is eternity.





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Eclipse [Aug. 28th, 2007|12:41 pm]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[Current Location |The Moon]

Is art created by the artist... or are artists created by art?

Depression, as destructive it is... seems to have produced some of the worlds greatest people. Not just in terms of art... but in the realms of science, business, politics, and most importantly... philanthropy.

Beauty is born from sadness. Because there is always hope for a future. Pain gives birth to beauty... for tragedy leads to pain.

I miss Princess Diana. There is something about her... I don't know what... but it just enchants me... i feel so drawn to her. Her spirit was pure. Her soul was pure. She was pure.

Hmmm... i'm beginning to remember the dream i had about her not too long ago...

Speaking of dreams... i've had quite a few powerful ones. I know they must mean something. They have to.

Tonight there's a lunar eclipse. The one where the moon turns blood red.

The last "blood" eclipse i've witnessed years ago in my old house... was when my grandmother and her sister were here. They warned me of an old superstition: "Seeing a red/orange moon foreshadows or omens a death". I did not heed her warning. When i went back inside... within an hour she, my grandmothers sister visiting from Germany, recieved a phone call. Someone had just died. I will observe the eclipse tonight. Not in defiance of a superstition...but in respect to that event.

Eclipses are strange...

I miss those days...

Speaking of my past... I'm seeing more and more videos from my childhood. I have so many conflicting memories. The happiness outweighed the sadness, without a doubt. But there was also some definite bizarre and just plain outright weird things. Things that don't add up.

Actually...since when did things add up in life? Huh. Nevermind.

I believe i could not have gone where i went...without the experiences and feelings that made me who I became.

But what happens... when those experiences, those feelings... stop existing? What happens when everything you once knew becomes a simple memory?

Are we really the products of yesterday?

What happens when you stop feeling? Nothing ever comes from numbness...

Time passes, legends fade... and candles burn out...

What is left after the smoke rises and the heart becomes silent again?

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Phoenix [Aug. 25th, 2007|04:44 pm]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[Current Location |The Calm Before the Storm]
[mood |rejuvenatedrejuvenated]
[music |::|||{"Made of Glass"}|||:: by ATB]

I read your stories again. I read your secrets again. I remember your feelings. I remember your memories.

Forgive me.

My heart, mind and soul have no more room for secrets. Not even my own secrets.

Instead... it is filled with the secrets of everyone else in my life

Even if i were to have just one secret of mine.... this world would never believe it

For I have already been judged by them. They have already assumed all they know about me.

People become bored with me. They turn me into a puzzle, some sort of riddle. A mystery they want to solve. When they realize i am neither... they become bored... disappointed and disenchanted.

Thus i am a whore. Fooling people with masks. Everyone is busy trying to take my masks off... that no one realizes... that no one remembers... that no one even sees my veils...

Everyone knows my secrets... because they were the ones who gave them to me.

I am sorry. To all of you. I apologize with everything i have... and not much is left in this corpse.

Now i realize why my brothel has become so empty and barren...

Everyone has left. I let them leave. I left my heart somewhere in the past. In another world.

I don't want it back. Because it belongs there. In the past. I need a new heart... a new pair of eyes and ears.... a new outlook.

Today i am going to set afire this world of mine. This won't be the first... or last time.

I will rise from the ashes... better than i am now. Better than i was before.

These shadows... these stains... they are going to disappear... even if the wounds of my mind won't ever be gone.

I have let life defeat me. From dost to dushman. I need to hold lifes hand again. I need to have Hope again. I need to be myself again.

Tonight i will be buried.

From the flames i will rise more beautiful and brighter.

So thank you... thank you for the darkness you have given me life. For now i can search for an even brighter future.




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Found [Aug. 16th, 2007|11:33 pm]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[Current Location |Beside Hope]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |::|||{"Dar Sabza Nasheen"}|||:: by Haider Salim]

I have lost myself somewhere in these months
Who have i become... where have i gone?

It's funny... the older we get... the more we lose... and the worse we become.

I hate who i've become.

I miss my old self.
I miss freedom from this world
I miss Hope

Tonight an angel from my past awoken from its silent slumber
Under its oath, i swore to set out and search for myself

But then realized... Who i once was... could never be found again
He can only be made again... created once more... from my own blood, my own mind, my own heart.

All this time i've been seeking darkness
So that i may hide under its embrace

What i failed to understand... was that my heart was being blackened...
I let this world bury me... I helped dig my grave... and laid myself to rest

My purpose is not to die in defeat. My intention was to help prevent others from doing so. Somewhere in the process i slowly killed myself.

We all have monsters inside. Mine have already escaped, and the damage has been dealt. Time will tell if i can redeem and retie what has been severed.

Now even the mirrors seem brighter... for her ethereal light is shining again in my life. She never left. She was always there...always besides me. I just had stopped listening to her. 

This angel reminded me of who i was. Who i'm supposed to become.

Now i realize why i was so easily broken by this world...
It's because i forgot my own dreams.


...Don't ever let your dreams die...
...Your dreams make you who you are...


How easily this world does taint
Blemishing our hearts with paint
Until its true colors are faint

The most important thing we lose
Is that which we continue to abuse
Taking each beating and bruise

It is our own self and soul
Which we try hard to control
Yet always fail to make whole

Listen to your soul's plea
Whose voice holds the key
To set your universe free

Revel in reality's right rope
And with patience you must cope
For this world belongs to Hope

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Return [Aug. 9th, 2007|12:44 pm]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[Current Location |Square One]
[mood |melancholymelancholy]
[music |Silence]

Here i am again... back at square one

Right where i started... in the very place i began this miserable journey

I've returned to my whorehouse

Yet this time everything is different... there is no sound but silence...

The poetry, the music, the jingling of anklets has stopped...

Not even tears are present this time... there is emptiness upon emptiness

Surrounded by these bare and barren walls...

In one day i have ruined what i harvested in a lifetime

Tonight not a single weary traveler peers into my palace of illusions

Even the mirage of candles lighting this dark alley has turned into smoldering and suffocating smoke

Amongst these ashes my feet walk upon... lying upon these bed of thorns, I search for a single thread... a single blossom... a single whisper of Hope...

As my heart is ashamed to speak to me

Which mirror has lied and misled me? The mirror of my own heart... or the mirror of the hearts of others?
The image “http://www.geocities.com/shikibie/Avicenna1.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Does it matter now...? All mirrors have been shattered

And a broken reflection stares back at me

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The Land of Strangers [Aug. 7th, 2007|02:22 am]
Dunya Bar Omead Ast
[Current Location |My Old Home]
[mood |exanimateexanimate]
[music |Kathak Practice]

I've never belonged in the world of men and women. Nor have i ever understood them. They are so foreign and so distant to me.

It is in the innocence of children and the wisdom of the older that i find my solace.

Their laughter, their stories, their love... is where i find my home. And my heart.

However, I will never have the companionship of children, nor the trust of the elderly...

...For i am not a part of their world either...

So then why.... Why have i been placed in a land of strangers?

The image “http://www.geocities.com/shikibie/Avicenna1.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

This year i have ventured too far into a world which i do not belong to...

I have taken off every cloak, every veil... broken every mirror... and lifted every chain

Yet i despise what i see... because what i see.... is nothing. I am nothing.

I'd rather suffocate and suffer in my own shattered home... It may not be much... but it is my own world

In the familiar dark dungeons i find comfort.... in the broken voices i find my own heartbeats...

No one can reach this place.... for it is my own.... no one will find this place... for it exists within me

I will never be found

Because what i searched for in this world.... i could not find...

I've been to many strange places... yet none have been as strange as the world i came upon...

A land where everyone was screaming... yet each heart was silent....
A nation that conquered the universe.... but could not tame it's own greed
A civilization that build bridges across the skies... roads across the worlds... flew airplanes, trains, ships, cars...
Yet neighbors were strangers to one another

Each desire in this wretched desert was a mirage...
Even the echoes and the whispers have long abandoned this sad and sorrowful place

I leave no one behind, for everyone here are mere shadows...
Empty souls with full hearts

Thus i return to my own whorehouse, my bazaar
Where flesh is sold day and night, love is bargained, and lust is traded

I could not escape the world which gave me birth
The very same world which has lead to my death

Once again i surrender to these veils....
Fooling fate and fortune
silently suffocating each dream


I chose again to be a whore.... because it's better... better than being nothing at all...
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